Welcome to Africa’s first true Online Mall

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WorldCart Online Mall is the first true Online Mall in Africa and offers an ever increasing variety of Online Shops under one roof. The theme behind the Mall is to showcase and to offer – in the most price-sensitive as well as convenient way – what an endless number of physical stores world-wide have to offer AND what had yet to be seen in Africa: … be it considering the price for the quality offered or the uniqueness of the product itself!

WorldCart has its  own warehouses and carries its own stock so that you don’t have to wait for any goods arriving from abroad like with so many other online stores. You only wait for our friendly courier partner to deliver any product within the boundaries of your province. WorldCart is still young and launches shop by shop and product aisle by product aisle so please be patient if you don’t find what you desire. Sign up for our Product News and keep popping in!

So sign-up, stay tuned and enjoy shopping across the planet!