Aventura do Sabor Medium Roast Coffee Beans – Cerrado – 1kg


Medium Roast from clean, smooth beans – bittersweet chocolate flavour.

Origin: Brazil, Cerrado Mineiro Region

100% Arabica

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Aventura do Sabor’s “CERRADO” is a clean and smooth bean exhibiting a nutty and buttery light caramel body with a balanced chocolate/nutty aftertaste.

The beans are medium roasted and therefore carry its original taste, which is bittersweet with undertones of sweet chocolate.

This bean is particularly soft and well balanced in the palate and very nice and fine in the cup. Cerrado makes a rich crema and guarantees an excellent cup of coffee.

Cupped by the Speciality Coffee Association of America with a Score of 86.50.

The beans of CERRADO originate from the high savannas of Cerrado Mineiro, between 800 and 1 300m above sea level, north of the capital São Paulo in Brazil, and are certified to have been sourced adhering to Fair Trade principles.

100% Arabica (NY, 2/3, SCR 17/18, Strictly Soft Fine Cup)

CERRADO Beans are packed in recycled paper bags of 1kg.

Weight 1.013 kg
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 32 cm


Aventura do Sabor

Aventura do Sabor is a Coffee Brand exclusive to WorldCart. All Coffee Beans originate from rural Brazil, hence its name, which means “Taste Adventure”. All beans are sourced under Fair Trade practices and scores above 85 as cupped by the Speciality Coffee Association of America.


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