Barilla Penne Rigate – 500g

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Penne is another famous Italian pasta, part of the “short pasta” family. Low GI, suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Low GI, suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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Penne with Chicken, Mushrooms and Tomatoes

Barilla Basilico Pasta Sauce – 400g

Barilla Basilico Pasta Sauce is made with ripe tomatoes, aromatic basil, and other quality ingredients


Produced in Italy

Penne is another famous Italian pasta shape and means “pen” in Italian, getting its name from its tube-shape with angled ends, very similar to the quill of an old-style ink pen. Its addition rigate stands for “striped”, referring to the ridges on the surface.

They are most commonly served with chunkier meat or vegetable-based sauce and spicy tomato-based sauces as their large diameter and ridges make it ideal for retaining sauces on the entire surface, inside and out. Penne is also a favourite in baked pasta dishes. Watch the Barilla Chef preparing Penne with Chicken, Mushroom and Tomatoes:

Penne is a great source of energy (364 calories per 100g) with a Low Glycemic Index (GI). Up to 100g are sufficient to provide the body with enough slow release energy for a busy day at home, the office, or at the gym and contain:

Protein 12 g

Fat, total 2 g

Fat, saturated 0.5 g

Carbohydrate 71.7 g

Sugar 3.5 g

Dietary Fibre 3 g

Sodium 5 mg

Barilla Penne Rigate is originating from Italy and is available in 500g cardboard boxes and suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets.

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Barilla is an Italian family-owned food company. Established in 1877, it’s now an international Group present in more than 100 countries. A world leader in the markets of pasta and ready–to–use sauces in continental Europe, bakery products in Italy and crispbread in Scandinavia, the Barilla Group is recognized worldwide as a symbol of Italian know–how.

“Basically, we are pasta makers and bakers; this is the line of work our family has pursued over the last four generations, with the help of outstanding coworkers. It is the only line of work we can and try to improve every day.” Guido Barilla


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