Cigarette Box Cover “Schwarz ist Bunt genug”


Silicone Cigarette Box Cover to block unwanted adverts and prevent cigarettes from sliding on smooth surfaces. The German slogan means “Black is Colourful enough”

Made in Germany

In stock

The Cigarette Box Covers are made from a special silicone, which allows for endless closing and opening of cigarette boxes (standard 20s) and prevents it from sliding on smooth surfaces, like on the dashboard of a car or other uneven tilted surfaces.

It has a soft touch and displays a fresh slogan (check out other designs) by hiding disturbing pictures of illnesses, warnings, and other undesired displays.

Colour: Black
Dimensions: Width 56 mm x Height 88 mm x Depth 23 mm

Made in Germany

Weight 0.027 kg
Dimensions 5.8 × 2.5 × 9 cm


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