FLIPPER 2-in-1 Magnetic Cleaner

R1 199

Flipper magnetic Scrubber & Scraper for glass or acrylic aquarium walls up to 24mm

Manufactured in China

The Flipper has a unique magnetic grip, which allows you to “flip” between scrubber and scraper using the same grip. It is suitable to clean the glass of all aquariums, fresh and marine, with glass or acrylic walls of up to 24mm. Due to its strong magnetic force, it cleans even hardy algae and the dual functionality lets you switch quickly between scrubber to scraper when you get closer to the gravel to avoid gravel being trapped under the scrubber and causing scratches to the glass.

Its head is buoyant and will float if losing contact with the extremely strong magnetic grip. It comes in a blister with two blades, a metal blade for glass tanks, and a plastic blade for acrylic tanks.


  • The Flipper Nano can be used only on glass tanks up to 6mm in thickness.
  • The Flipper Standard can be used on glass and acrylic tanks up to 12mm in thickness.
  • The Flipper Max can be used on glass and acrylic tanks up to 24mm in thickness.

Manufactured in China

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Max – Up to 24mm, Nano – Up to 6mm, Standard – Up to 12mm




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