Labour Law Manual South Africa A6 Booklet


Pocket Guide on Labour Law in South Africa
Author: Fernando J A Rôlo
Published: August 2018
Soft Cover, 92 Pages

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Table of Content

Mission and Vision
Into SA Vision
Into SA Mission
Employee Definition and Status
Basic Conditions of Employment Act
Hours Worked and Overtime
The Earnings Threshold Explained
Employees Earning Under the Threshold
Employees Earning Over the Threshold
Daily and Weekly Rest Periods
Night Work
Annual Leave
Accrual or Accumulation of Annual Leave
Entitlement to Accrue Annual Leave
Maternity Leave
Sick Leave
Family Responsibility Leave
Study Leave
Leave for Religious Holidays
Particulars of Employment
Informing Employees of their Rights
Keeping of Records
Information Regarding Remuneration
Deductions and other Acts Concerning Remuneration
Termination of Employment
Severance Pay
Certificate of Service
Prohibition of Employment of Children
Employment Equity Act
Prohibition of Unfair Discrimination
Medical Testing
Psychological Testing
Affirmative Action
Disclosure of Information
Employment Equity Plan
Designated Employer Must Assign a Manager
Income Differentials
Compliance Order
Review by Director-general
Powers of the Labour Court
Protection of Employee Rights
Labour Relations Act and Probation
Labour Relations Act and Dismissals
Disciplinary Measures Short of Dismissal
Dismissals for Misconduct
Disciplinary Records
Dismissals and Industrial Action
Dismissal for Poor Work Performance
Incapacity for Ill Health and Injury
Dismissal Arising From Ill Health or Injury
Dismissal Due to Operational Requirements
Dispute Resolution
Unemployment Insurance Fund
Contributions Payable
Earnings Ceiling
Payment of Contributions
Immigration Law Compliance
Employee Background Checks
Criminal Records

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