Messmer Moroccan Mint Honey Herbal Tea – 20 bags


A refreshing tea perfect for daily consumption.

25 teabags filled with a sweet minty fresh flavour that invigorates.

Produced in Germany

In stock

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Peppermint is one of the world’s most popular flavours of herbal tea. It makes for a delightful, refreshing daily herbal drink and serves as an instant, uplifting mood booster. Crafted with nothing but pure peppermint and honey, Messmer Moroccan Mint & Honey Tea is packed full of beneficial elements too. This energy-boosting tea is also effective in trying to reduce digestive upsets, tension headaches, clogged sinuses, and insomnia. For hundreds of years, peppermint has served as a popular remedy for a number of everyday conditions across both Western and Eastern medicine. Furthermore, many believe that it is very powerful in producing calming effects and helping to reduce any anxieties that are related to depression, as well as any pains that are related to muscular discomfort.


  • Peppermint
  • Honey

25 individual tea bags

Produced in Germany

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