Paysan Breton Le Camembert – 125g


Paysan Breton’s “Le Camembert” is produced in Bretagne in France according to traditional recipes. The cheese is creamy and has ripened softly.

Available in individually sealed, wrapped and packed 125g mini wheels.

Product of France

Best Before Date: 14/12/22

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Camembert is a moist, soft, creamy, surface-ripened cow’s milk cheese. It was first made in the late 18th century at Camembert, Normandy, in northern France. It is similar to Brie, which is native to the Brie region of France.

Paysan Breton’s Camembert is ideally suited for cheese boards but also as baked or fried camembert served with berry coulis, grapes, or date preserve.

pasteurised cow’s milk, lactic starters, salt, non-animal rennet. Allergens: cow’s milk.

Nutritional Information Per 100 g
Energy 1265 kJ
Protein 20 g
Carbohydrate <1 g
(of which total sugar) <1 g
Total Fat 25 g
(of which saturated fat) 17 g
Dietary fibre 0 g
Total sodium  2 g


Paysan Breton’s “Le Camembert” is available in individually sealed and boxed 125g Mini Wheels and produced in France.

Best Before Date: 26/02/24

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Dimensions 9.3 × 9.3 × 2.9 cm



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