PYLONTECH Battery US2000C – 2.4kWh 48V

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Pylontech Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Battery US2000C 48V 2.4kW with integrated Battery Management System and 5-Year Warranty
Made in China

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Reliable and affordable entry-level backup and storage battery based on Lithium-Iron Phosphate technology.
The Pylontech US2000C, the little brother of the popular US3000C Lithium-Iron Phosphate battery, with a storage capacity of 2.4 kWh and its compatibility with common Solar Systems and Inverters such as Solis Hybrid, Deye Hybrid, Voltronic Expert, GoodWe ES, and EM as well as Victron Multiplus makes it a light, stackable and expandable storage companion with built-in Battery Management System.
– 48V
– 50 A  max charge
– 2400 W
– 6000 Charge Cycles
– 90% DoD
– 24 kg
– 442 x 410 x 89mm
Made in China with 5-Year Carry-In Warranty
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 45 × 42 × 10 cm



Pylontech is a unique company because all technologies needed for energy storage systems (ESS) like cathode material, lithium cell, battery management system (BMS) and system integration are vertically integrated. This means that the supply chain of the company is owned by the company.


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