SaniSurface Push Bar Handle Stickers – 25 pcs


SaniSurface® antimicrobial Push Bar Handle Stickers. Pack of 25. White.

SaniSurface® is a registered Trademark of PPE Advantage, USA. Made in India.

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Using a molecular nanotech coating that is fused to the stickers, SANISURFACE provides a continuous cleaning antimicrobial germ-free surface to push, grip and touch. The stickers are effective for about 1500 pushes, grips or touches. Stickers should be replaced every 90 days with light traffic, every 60 days with moderate traffic, 30 days with heavy traffic, and weekly in very crowded areas. When it’s time to replace them, just peel off, clean any adhesive residue, and stick on a new one.

SaniSurface® products are an effective tool to continuously sanitise contaminated surfaces that attract germs and viruses.

SaniSurface® Push Bar Handle stickers come in a pack of twenty-five white rectangular stickers and each covers a handle area of up to 30cm x 9cm.

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SaniSurface® is a registered Trademark of PPE Advantage, USA. Made in India.

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Sanisurface® is a brand of PPE Advantage, USA. Its self-cleaning surfaces instantly kill germs and viruses - including all COVID variants - on contact! Sanisurface® antimicrobial germ-free sticker tape is treated with a non-toxic invisible defence layer that continuously kills germs, bacteria, pathogens, and viruses up to 99% efficiency. [video width="854" height="480" mp4=""][/video]


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