Sgambaro Bio Farro Lenticchie Quinoa | Spelt Lentil Quinoa Penne Rigate Pasta – 500g


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Sgambaro Bio Farro Lenticchie Quinoa Penne Rigate is made from organic spelt, lentils and quinoa. A cereal, a legume and a herbaceous plant = a nutrient-rich union. With 18% protein and a low glycemic index, it brings excellent nutritional values and a genuine natural taste to the table, for a beautiful and dynamic life.

Ingredients: Spelt flour (wheat) = 70%, lentil flour = 20%, quinoa flour = 5%, pea protein isolate = 5%


Product of Italy

EAN: 8009385146916

Best before date: 04/10/24

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Dimensions 12 × 8 × 20 cm



Founded by Tullio Sgambaro in 1947, Sgambaro is a historic pasta factory in the Veneto region that produces pasta of the highest quality, the result of the knowledge passed on within the family and the intuitions of the current members at the helm of the company. Sgambaro’s objective has always been to bring good, healthy and safe pasta to the tables of Italians: for this reason, since 2001 it has used only durum wheat produced in Italy, a decision which, in addition to ensuring direct control of the supply chain, eliminates the impact of international transport of the raw material.


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