Toblerone Gold Swiss Milk Chocolate – 100g


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Toblerone was born in 1908: Theodor Tobler (Jean Tobler’s son) and Emil Baumann (production manager and Tobler’s cousin) invented a unique chocolate: Toblerone! After that, the Toblerone, with its special recipe, its triangular shape and its unmistakable Toblerone logo, becomes the Swiss chocolate par excellence. “Toblerone” is a play on words from the names “Tobler” and “Torrone”, the Italian name for honey-almond nougat.

The classic Toblerone milk chocolate in gold packaging is a combination of the finest Swiss milk chocolate with honey-almond nougat.

Ingredients: Sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, honey (3%), butterfat, almonds (1.6%), emulsifier ( soy lecithin ), egg white, flavouring. Cocoa: 28% minimum in milk chocolate.

Allergens: Contains: Eggs and egg products, almonds and almond products, soy and soy products, milk and milk products (including lactose), nuts and nut products


Product of Switzerland

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Best before date: 22/12/23


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