Vuma Liquid Hand Soap – Fresh – 5kg


Vuma Liquid Hand Soap is a pleasantly scented hand soap for everyday use. This special formula removes dirt without stripping even sensitive skin of its natural moisture. When using, it generates a gentle foam also preserving the pH balance of your skin. Manufactured in Turkey, using a variety of pure ingredients, it represents an A-Grade hand detergent superior to its local competitors. It comes in 2 unique fragrances in a bulk 5kg container, ideal for commercial and industrial use.

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Everybody’s skin has a cover that protects its surface and is often referred to as an acid mantle. This cover consists of a mix of free fatty acids (sebum), lactic, and amino acids (from sweat) to create the pH balance of our skin. Vuma Liquid Hand Soaps’ pH values range – depending on fragrance – between 5.5 – 6.0, reflecting the optimal pH balance of your skin, which should be according to skin professionals slightly acidic, around 5.5.

The product complies with the cosmetic principle of the EU and can therefore also be used by children.

As this product consists of 80% of surface-active biologic agents, it is capable of being cleaved and therefore biodegradable.

Chemically engineered in and imported directly from Turkey. Exclusive to WorldCart in Africa.

Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 13.5 × 25 cm





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