WorldCart 7 Colour-Changing LED Faucet Light


WorldCart 7-colour hydro-powered faucet spout LED light with changing colour. Fits to replace all standard faucet spouts.

Silver Plated Brass, Made in China

In stock

The WorldCart LED Faucet Light replaces any standard faucet spout in kitchen, bathroom or bar. Once the water is turned on, the integrated hydropower generator powers the built-in LEDs, which rotate through seven different colours.

An ideal colour entertainer and your first port of call in case of load-shedding as the illumination is sufficient to find your way. So stop struggling to find your torch, just open the closest tap!

Made from solid brass and polished with a silver finish matching general faucet surfaces.

Made in China.

Weight 0.023 kg
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 2.5 cm




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