Welcome to aBay! aBay offers a variety of products that are: Scratched; Discontinued; Returned or simply Pre-Owned aka Second-Hand. All products offered here are fully functional and tested by our Tech Gurus but lack the standard appearance or packaging for which WorldCart is known and respected. aBay is also an alternative private seller – private buyer platform for new and used goods, but controlled and supervised by WorldCart so you can rule out any fraudulent participation in the trade. WorldCart collects the purchase price from the private seller, whose identity is only known to the Legal Eagles of aBay. The product will be collected from the Seller by aBay and tested before going to be shipped to the private seller. Same incognito rules apply. Once the product is delivered the purchase price minus a testing, storage and handling commission of 20% is released to the seller. No warranties are given except for the full functionality upon delivery and the free shipping regime of WorldCart does not apply. Happy Trading and send your sales enquiries directly to seller@abay.co.za!

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