Sparky’s Lighting & Electrical is your friendly neighbourhood hardware store when it comes to all things electrical, be it powered by battery or through 220V wall plugs. The recent years have shown little to no improvement in quality and variety among electrical products despite the what is currently offered through major tool and building material retailers. We at Sparky’s believe in products that are not only safe and practical, but also aesthetically pleasing to match your interior decor and design. The times where South Africa had to endure uniform white multi plugs and extension leads, which are usually too short, are over and no one wants to use plastic flashlights anymore that use up hundreds of Rands in batteries. But 21st century Cree LED technology and multi plugs with stainless steel trims and 3m extension cord do not have to be expensive! Even our products imported from Germany are affordable and can compete with any product on local shelves not only in price but especially in quality and design. Upgrade your home, your office and your toolbox today and visit Sparky’s for a fascinating variety of new products available.

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